mtctl: A minetest server control command

Based on: systemctl (linux) and rcctl (openbsd)

Current Version 1.3


The mtctl is using the following pattern:

$ mtctl <action> [worldname]

  • action: start|stop|restart|status|create|backup|list|help
  • worldname: worldname to control


This command has some extra features:

  • Per-user config, so you can run per user your own server
  • Live backup thanks to Minix: You can make backups whilst the server is running (without restart)


This script is easy to install, thanks to a one-line-installer.

This installer will detect your OS and based on that info it will select which shell you have (and some other things)

The command itself is the following:

$ curl -sSL | $SHELL


To update the mtctl, just do $ mtctl check_updates, that will check updates and install them when there is a update

Setup worlds

For existing worlds

Put your minetest.conf in your worlds/<yourworldname> as world.conf Also specify the port in the world.conf

For new worlds

Use $ mtctl create <worldname> Or use the instruction for the existing worlds


The source is avaible at

And here you can find the change log

Copyright (C) 2021 by Miniontoby <>

Permission is granted to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this work for any purpose with or without fee. This work is offered as-is, with absolutely no warranty whatsoever. The author is not responsible for any damages that result from using this work.